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March 9, 2010

Finally another Blog ….a Movie Review and a Word about the Oscars

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To those readers who have been waiting on my blog, my apologies. It has been a crazy busy time and while I planned to write at least once or twice a week, that effort has not materialized. I will try and do better.

When last we left we were putting together the “On the Lake” pilot. Once conceived in theory it was time to put a plan into action. My group included Dan Lynch, writer and executive producer, Robert English, director, Sony Stark and Robert Shenise, both talented camera people and editors, Kristina Krawchuk, former Channel 9 News Anchor and our program host and Michael Kelleher, our assistant producer…oh yeah, we also have pirates aboard. Everyone liked the concept, even the pirates, but would people actually allow us into their beautiful lake homes with cameras and questions in tow. Folks of means tend to be guarded and for good reason when the location of their homes are quite secluded.

Our plan was for Michael Kelleher and me to spend what ever time it took in the area to meet the “right people” and persuade them to introduce us to the folks with what we would consider the most interesting homes on the lake. It would be easy we concluded to be welcomed into most businesses or report on some of the lakes rich history, but getting access to a high priced lakeshore sanctuary was another matter all together. In addition we had identified four must have homes to make the program fly. These were our elephants and we needed to bag one for me to greenlight the show and absorb the expense of filming.

Sony Stark (PilotGirl Productions) put us in touch with Cathy Slaughter in Bolton who owns a really cool designer lake store called “Summer Life” located right behind “Happy Jack’s” on Lakeshore in Bolton. We had a breakfast meeting and I gave her my wish list. She gave me the name of a woman who proved invaluable in getting our project off the ground. That woman was Lonnie Lawrence, long time resident and probably one of the top two or three realtors on the lake. Lonnie agreed to come out on the lake with us to discuss our concept for the show and to look at some of the houses we had identified.

On my next blog I’ll fill you in on our boat ride with Lonnie.

Last blog, I promised to review the James Cameron spectacle, “Avatar”. I have to admit that initially I was concerned that the special effects would not interface naturally with the human actors. Well, I was wrong. It is so natural that you really believe that you have been transported to the earth-like moon planet of Pandora and the 12-foot tall blue skinned inhabitants called the “Na’vi” really do exist. The special effects are just awesome and that explains why the film was 6 years in the making, allowing for the technology to catch up. James Cameron delivers a new world that is as visually entertaining as anything you can imagine. The only drawback is that the story, while compelling, is hardly original. It is a sci-fi version of “Dances with Wolves”. And that is why Avator failed to win the Oscar for the best film, losing out to “The Hurt Locker”.

After seeing both films, “The Hurt Locker” has what no amount of special effects can overcome, great acting and a really great script (Although for me I thought the lead character played by Jeremy Renner, was just too “nuts”, but I’m sure there are adrenaline fueled danger junkies like him out there somewhere…maybe on Pandora!).

Story is the most important element of any film. While state of the art special effects can get you nominated, it’s the original story that win awards. Both films are well worth seeing and while “The Hurt Locker” walked away with the hardware, “Avatar” will surely set fire to your senses and tug at your heart strings. Three and ½ reels out of four for “Avatar”. Also see it in 3D unless you’re prone to motion sickness.

My next movie review will be “Crazy Heart” which stars one of my favorite actors, this year’s best actor Oscar winner, Jeff Bridges.

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