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April 24, 2012

The Belief Factor by Dan Lynch

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When the time comes, I want my obituary to begin with these words:

“Dan Lynch is dead. Some people liked him, and some didn’t. He felt the same way about them. He did not believe in astrology, ghosts, vampires, witches, werewolves, that the government faked the 1969 moon landing or that Elvis lived on after 1976.

“He tried to maintain an open mind concerning Bigfoot, flying saucers and the Loch Ness monster, although he was acutely aware that no reliable evidence supported the existence of any such phenomena.

“He had his reservations about Barack Obama, but he did not believe that Obama was born outside the United States, that he was the antichrist or that he was in league with Satan.”

Why do I want these items in my obituary? Because, unable to speak for myself at that point, I want total disassociation between my memory and all the gullible nutballs who constitute so much of the electorate in this country – all the hopeless people who, as kids, probably went to school on the short bus and stubbornly grew up to be hopeless dolts despite the system’s best efforts.

Okay, that’s a bit unkind, but there are a lot of these people. Two in five of them believe in astrology. One in three adults believes in ghosts. One in four believes in witches. One in 20 believes in vampires and/or that the moon landing was faked. Bigfoot and Nessie are real to nearly one in five of us.

When it comes to Obama, though, things get really weird. One in four of us believes that he was not born in America – including nearly half of Republicans. They believe that even though In June 2008, Obama put pictures of his certification of live birth from the Hawaiian government on a website, They believe it even though, a non-partisan news organization, examined the document and found it had an embossed seal, a stamp on the back attesting to its authenticity and met State Department requirements to obtain a passport.

They believe it even though, in October 2008, Hawaii’s director of health stated in writing that he and the Registrar of Vital Statistics had looked at and verified that the state “has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record.” The officials worked for Hawaii’s Republican governor, who also pronounced that Obama was born there.

People believe that crazy stuff even though two Honolulu newspapers ran announcements of Obama’s birth on Aug. 4, 1961. They believe it even though, for somebody to doubt that Hawaii was Obama’s actual birthplace, then that person would have to believe that in 1961 state officials and Honolulu’s two newspapers conspired to fake the birth, knowing that someday the baby would run for President.

It’s also worth noting here that about 15 per cent of Americans believe that Obama is the antichrist and that one in seven believes him to be in league with Satan. Why do people believe this BS? Well, here’s one reason:

If you took the time to click on this link and to watch this stuff, you may or may not have noticed that this is a severely edited tape. You may or may not have noticed that Obama’s lip movements do not match the sound. You may or may not have noticed that whoever put this together did so for the precise purpose of lying to you. You may or may not have noticed any of these things because you’re a …

… well, I’ll now work to suppress my basic outrage instincts and try to be kind here. Let’s let it go at this, okay?

More than nine in 10 Americans, according to the polls, believe in God. If you’re one of them, then you must believe that God created you with certain pieces of equipment because He wanted you to use them. He gave you eyes so you could see and appreciate the glory of his creations. He gave you a voice so you could speak out against injustice. He gave you hands so you could use them to perform good works.

Just try to bear in mind at all times that God gave you a brain as well. Why did He do that? My guess is that He did that because He wanted you to THINK!!!!!! My guess is that God wants us to use our brains to absorb information, process it rationally, to observe fairly and to arrive at our conclusions in a logical fashion.

And I never cease to be amazed at how many people just refuse, refuse, refuse to do that.

April 17, 2012

Keeping the Bullies at Bay…by Dan Lynch

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Life overflows with uncertainty. Unexpected events occur all the time. You never know what’ll happen.

One thing we all can be pretty certain of, however. Rick Santorum will never be President of the United States.

Not that it couldn’t happen, but the great likelihood is that the vast bulk of Americans would never permit a total control freak to take over one-third of the federal government. And, like far too many people on the right and left in this increasingly divided country of ours, that’s what Santorum is – a control freak of truly terrifying proportions.

Rick Santorum wants to control what you read and watch and what you do. He feels a powerful, benevolent obligation to protect you from your own baser urges. He wants control over your sex life. He doesn’t want you using birth control pills, condoms or any other birth control device. He doesn’t want you having sex outside marriage. He wants approval over who you have sex with and how.

In his ferocious control urge, Santorum isn’t all that different from the liberals who couldn’t care less what you do in your sex life but want control over what you eat and what you think and say. It’s the liberals who are pushing Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers to drop his talk radio program, on which he expresses points of view they find objectionable. It’s the liberals who pushed through campus speech codes and hate crime laws that punish people as much for what they think as for what they do. It’s the liberals who want control over every morsel you put in your mouth. If they had their way, you could eat only liberal-approved foods and only in the quantities that liberals deem appropriate.

It’s the liberals who want to ban tobacco but legalize marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

I don’t know about you, but I find these control freaks – these nasty, intrusive, meddling, moralistic bullies who lust for dominion over the thoughts, personal activities and diets of other people – simply appalling. They represent a long tradition in American life, though, from the Puritans of early New England who branded adulterers with the red letter A to the beer-barrel-bashing of Carrie Nation to the gay-hatred festivities of Anita Bryant and company. They all have one thing in common: They just can’t bring themselves to leave other people alone in peace and privacy.

Santorum, though, is the first one of these sanctimonious crazies to get close to the presidency in a long, long time. He just posted on his Web site a promise to crack down on the distribution of pornography.

In the statement, Santorum says, “The Obama Administration has turned a blind eye to those who wish to preserve our culture from the scourge of pornography and has refused to enforce obscenity laws.” If he gets to the White House, Santormum promises, he’ll “vigorously” enforce laws that “prohibit distribution of hardcore (obscene) pornography on the Internet, on cable/satellite TV, on hotel/motel TV, in retail shops and through the mail or by common carrier.”

As President, controlling the U. S. Justice Department, he could do that, too. He could shut down U. S.-based porn sites and push for legislation requiring Internet service providers to use “a mandatory filter set up by the government…”

I’m not defending pornography any more than I’m defending race hate, sexual promiscuity, boozing until you barf or gluttonous overeating. What I am defending is the first right of every American – the right to keep a prying, tyrannical government out of our private lives. I’m defending every American’s right to keep the bullying, self-appointed moralizers at bay, the right to be truly free.

Conservatives are supposed to worship liberty, but not, apparently, where sex is concerned. Too many of them want every aspect of your sex life controlled by the government.

At the moment, Rick Santorum is the poster boy for that point of view.

April 4, 2012

Fun, Fun, Fun…by Dan Lynch

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They’re both very bright guys – old friends with terrific educations who’ve been hugely successful in life, much more successful than I’ve been. We were sitting around the other day, just talking.

THEM: What do you think of the presidential campaign?

ME: It’s entertaining, at least. I have all kinds of problems with Obama, but all this primary season has done for me has been to tell me who not to vote for. Gingrich is a multi-millionaire influence peddler who’ll stick his legs in the air and say anything to get the nomination. Gas at two-fifty a gallon? Dreamland. Ron Paul is perfectly happy if the Iranians get a nuclear bomb, and Santorum isn’t running for President. Instead, he seems to be running for Pope. So, those guys don’t do much for me.

THEM: You didn’t mention Romney.

ME: I don’t know yet about Romney. He’ll probably be the nominee, as near as I can figure. Bright guy and all that, but all he’s doing now is sucking up to the nutball Republican right wing so he can get the nomination. I have no idea what he really stands for. I’ll have to see how he handles himself in a general election campaign before I can make a judgment on him.

THEM: What’s your problem with Obama?

ME: Well, let’s start with Afghanistan. We have 125,000 people there, directly in the line of fire, and to prop up that sleazy government? Our people are getting killed every week over there, and for what? If the idea is to keep terrorists from establishing bases there, we can do that with special forces and drones. You can ask Bin Laden about that. Well, no, actually you can’t do that, can you?

THEM: Obama didn’t do enough about jobs. He did too little to fix the Wall Street problem.

ME: I agree. The stimulus stopped the job loss, but it wasn’t big enough for an economy and a crisis this size. The jobs aren’t coming back quickly enough, either. He should have spent some of the money differently. In Germany, instead of middle-class tax cuts, they gave money directly to big employers to keep people on the job. They gave them low-interest loans and outright grants. It was cheaper than paying unemployment benefits, and it kept the Germans from having unemployment go as high as it did here.

THEM: It’s the Wall Street stuff that gets us. Obama just gave the banks the bailout money without any strings.

ME: He didn’t do that; Bush did it before Obama took office. But Obama hasn’t done much since he got in the White House to break up the big banks. The top 10 banks have assets equal to 80 per cent of GDP. In Europe, they did take steps to bring their banks under control so maybe the bottom won’t fall out again, but Obama didn’t do what they did. I don’t know what Romney would do on that score if he gets in, but I’ll be listening to hear what he has to say about that once these crazy Republican primaries are over. I also don’t like some of Obama’s appointments.

THEM: Like who?

ME: This guy Geithner, the treasure secretary. He was right there as boss of the New York Fed when everything got out of control on Wall Street, and his job was supposed to be to control that stuff. I would have named Sheila Bair, the woman who runs the FDIC, as treasury secretary, not him. I wasn’t consulted, though.

THEM: Who do you think will win in November?

ME: Who knows? It’ll be close, though. This won’t be any wipeout, like Nixon-McGovern or Reagan-Mondale. By all rights, the Republicans should be able to stomp Obama this year with the unemployment thing, the Afghanistan thing, the Wall Street thing. But the Republicans candidates have been catering to the screwiest members of their party as they go about selecting a candidate, and they’ve been so shameless about it that I’m not sure that any of those guys can win in November.

THEM: It’s all pretty sad, isn’t it?

ME: Yeah, for all of us in the great unwashed mob it’s sad. All of them to be having a terrific time, though. For the politicians, it’s just the usual fun and games.

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