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June 19, 2012

Television and the Truth…by Dan Lynch

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Here’s a little truth about what you’re seeing on TV at the moment:

WHAT YOU’RE SEEING: Rick Santorum is being criticized on TV, mostly on MSNBC, for his lukewarm endorsement of Mitt Romney. Santorum is in big trouble, the MSNBC commentators are saying. Romney will give him nothing now.

THE TRUTH: Santorum has nothing to lose by displaying such tepid support. Yes, he has to back Romney, since Romney will be the Republican nominee, but if Romney loses in November Santorum wants to be in a position to say, “See? The party should have nominated a real right-winger like me, and I’ll be seeing everybody again in 2016.” Moreover, Santorum was never going to get anything from Romney – not the VP nod, not a cabinet post, not the time of day if Romney wins. In addition, if Romney wins in November, Santorum is out of luck in four years. For Santorum, backing Romney in a big way is a no-win proposition. He probably won’t even vote for the guy.

WHAT YOU’RE SEEING: Fox News and the other Republican propaganda operations are bashing Barack Obama for making a big deal on the first anniversary of the killing of Osama Bin Laden for the Navy Seals having gotten this evil, evil man on Obama’s watch. Is Obama really “spiking the football?”

THE TRUTH: You betcha, as Sarah Palin would say. Wouldn’t you do the same thing?

WHAT YOU’RE SEEING: The White House is wringing its hands over Joe Biden coming out for gay marriage on “Meet the Press” the other day. Why is the White House so worked up about this?

THE TRUTH: Obama desperately wants to win both North Carolina and Virginia this year. If he can do that then Romney will have a hell of a time winning the election. But the polls show that a majority of North Carolina folks don’t like gay marriage, and Virginia is closely split on the issue. Since Obama probably has the bulk of the gay vote locked up in November, he doesn’t have to utter a word on the topic. Biden, though, is never comfortable not uttering a word on anything.

WHAT YOU’RE SEEING: Republicans are making a big deal about the shrinking work force – about people giving up on active job searches. Their pitch is that, okay, the unemployment rate is down and Obama has managed to add millions of jobs over the past four years, but if you add in all the people who are no longer looking for jobs then his record doesn’t look so good.

THE TRUTH: Older workers were among the biggest groups who lost jobs when the recession hit. They went on unemployment, made fruitless attempts to find work in a country where older workers really can’t get hired even in good times and, when benefits ran out and they became age-eligible, went on Social Security and retired. About 10,000 baby boomers hit Social Security age every day. That’s about twice the number of new workers entering the work force every day. End result? Fewer workers and fewer jobs – i.e, a shrinking work force.

WHAT YOU’RE SEEING: Democrats bashing Romney for being a rich guy who had bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. They’re trying to portray the guy as a rich bastard who has nothing in common with ordinary people who have to watch every dime.

THE TRUTH: The Democrats won’t stop pushing that line until election day. What you’re seeing now is just the beginning.

WHAT YOU’RE SEEING: Hillary Clinton is saying emphatically that she won’t run for President in 2016.

THE TRUTH: If you’d been through what she has been through – the name-calling, the abuse, the Monica incident, all of it – would you want to make another run for the presidency in your late 60s? And then have to serve four years? Yes, all these political people are nuts, just as all the Hollywood people are nuts, but Hillary Clinton seems somewhat less nuts than most of them.

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