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Dan Lynch

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  1. Dan………….
    I realize that what I suggest may be a form of censoring but…………if you would consider limiting the comments to your TU blog to 2 from each author, it might encourage a broader discourse on YOUR original subject. There are folks who respond just to have an opportunity to demonstrate the art of verbosity, usually off the subject and quite frankly boring. You once quoted your father as saying that “education is often confused with intellect”. I remember well my father saying somewhat the same thing to me over 60 years ago, when I was a wise cracking pre-teen. He, that is my father, also reminded me later on when I was writing political speeches, “it isn’t how many words a speaker can get out, it is how many words the audience will hear, understand and remember. It is only then that you stand a chance of being properly quoted and your words carried forth to others.”


    Comment by Tom McGrath — March 31, 2012 @ 3:04 pm | Reply

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